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Paranormal & Supernatural Podcast

Enter into the Realm of Unknown, with host Shane Cummings, and explore the Paranormal, Supernatural, conspiracies, unknown history and more from the American Northeast; along with mysteries from around the globe.

Created by host Shane Cummings, Realm of Unknown is a paranormal brand and podcast just like any other. It's strange. Hosted by someone intrigued by the weird and bizarre, simple as that.

Realm of Unknown was originally concieved back in mid 2015, by Shane and good high school friend Emilie Patton. The two would spend class discussing strange stories and facts. This shared interest eventually evolved into the discussion of forming a Facebook Group for others to share similar stories. This obviously did not work, who even used Facebook anymore?

This however did not prevent Shane's interest to continuing to grow. Eventually, during June of 2015, the Youtube channel titled Realm of Unknown was created. This frist video released was all about top conspiracy theories. Recorded with a Staples headset microphone, and edited with Windows Movie Maker. The peak of quality. This was however it all began, college, ghosts and the turmoil of the Youtube Algerithm.

Realm of Unknown continued on Youtube for several years while Shane was in college. However with classes, work and other commitments, weekly or bi-weekly videos were difficult to get out. So, came the rise of Audio Content. AKA Podcasts. While pulling all nighters in order to work on his Art School projects, due to procrastination, the discovery of podcasts came about. Several shows helped in inspiring the transition into full audio, such as Astonishing Legends, Deadtime Storiez, And Thats Why We Drink and Bizarre States.

The first episode of the Realm of Unknown Podcast was uploaded on December 1st, 2018. Sharing a birthday with the host himself. Since that point, the podcast has covered stories and topics from all over the globe. From strange paranormal creatures and locations, to weird internet or local legends and conspiracies. Realm of Unnknown has had a small handful of friends on as guests, while also appearing on similar podcasts such as Deadtime Storiez (for real check them out). Now, the podcast supports weekly uploads, across most platforms. While bonus series and additional brand projects being conducted via the Podcast's Patreon. It has been a wonderful journey throughout the years, and we look forward to seeing where it continues to take us.

Credits & Disclaimers

The podcast and website are created and produced by Shane Cummings. Audio Editing & Research by Shane Cummings. Podcast Intro & Outro music “Creepy Regrets”, by AnMo. #CommissionsEarned As an Amazon Associate, we (Realm of Unknown) earn from qualified purchases.

  • Smccarty84

    Just found this podcast and so glad I did! The hosts discuss such interesting topics and leaving me wanting to hear more. Check it out!

  • BoosandSpirits

    Such a great podcast!! Amazing Topics with an insightful host that is well researched!


  • The Carroll Sisters

    With the new format its really light and conversational. It's sort of like listening to a friend talking about aliens and myths and other fun weird stuff!

    The Carroll Sisters
  • GhostColton

    I would definitely recommend this to my spooky-minded friends!

  • EverTrendingStoryPodcast
    It's nice to hear something new on a podcast that covers such topics as paranormal and horror.
  • Kris_Charming
    This is an awesome podcast that dives into some strange cases about the unknown. If you like outer world, ghost or UFOs especially, this will satisfy the craving, check it out!