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A prehistoric and mystical island off the coast of Sweden seems to be holding all sorts of mysteries and lingering occupants. With stories of witchcraft and curses dating back for thousands of years; Bla Jungfrun is full of rumors and legends of evil and negative energy.

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Bla Jungfrun | History

Blå Jungfrun, which translates to Blue Maiden, is off the coast of Oskarshamn, Sweden. Today, it is an abandoned island. Blå Jungfrun’s primary inhabitants are sorts of birds, including eagles and eider ducks. Moreover, the island is thought to be around 570 million years old. Throughout it are giant burrows, smoothly round rocks, and herb-rich woodlands. There is even a labyrinth, known as the Trojaborg labyrinth, that no one knows who built it. Most interestingly, according to lore it was home to witches.

The island is a little more than a half-mile long and is dome-shaped. In 1926 Blå Jungfrun became a national park. Blå Jungfrun has been an ominous, small island for generations. In fact, many people avoid saying its full name which is Blåkulla. Sailors who near it, avoid saying the name aloud; nor writing it down. As if spoken, a storm would instantly fall upon the vessel. This is why it now goes largely by Blå Jungfrun.

The island consists partly of bare rock with the remainder covered in dense hardwood forest. Geologically the island is an ancient inselberg rising from the Sub-Cambrian peneplain. After its formation in Precambrian time, Blå Jungfrun was buried in sandstone being shielded for erosion. It was freed from its sandstone cover in geologically recent times.

Additionally, the legend goes that around 300 witches met their end here. Possibly through hanging, only to burn afterward. Although this sort of narrative is not as widely spread, I was unable to find this across multiple sources.


Legends & Mysteries

The island plays an important role in Swedish folklore, where it is viewed as evil and magical place. According to a widespread belief, related already by Olaus Magnus, a Swedish writer, in 1555. Witches would meet on the island each Maundy Thursday, a holy day falling on the Thursday before Easter; which commemorates the Washing of the Feet and the Last Supper.

Cursed Stones

The many water-polished stones on the beaches of Blå Jungfrun are illegal to remove from the island because of its national park status. The story goes that stones themselves have magic ties to the so-called Trelleborg labyrinth; an ancient stone labyrinth found on the Island. Furthermore, whilst nobody knows the when or the who of this labyrinth’s creation; there is wide speculation on its use in ancient times for ritualistic purposes. Some claim that setting up such labyrinths on the island was common in the past. Additionally, some say people would walk in them for good luck. 

According to tradition, anyone who steals a stone from the island will suffer from bad luck until it is returned. The town of Oskarshamn yearly receives stones from former Blå Jungfrun visitors. Often with an accompanying letter describing misfortunes and disasters which happened to the letter writers after removing them. In May 2004, over 160 such stones publicly return to the island on a ferry from Oskarshamn.

Archaeological studies in recent years have demonstrated that ritual activities were likely to have been carried out on the island in prehistoric times. In addition, two caves for such ritual performances were found in 2014.

Mysterious Caves & Caverns

Firstly, in one of these caves, some features point towards a potential alter. Secondly, in the other, human modification of the cave suggests that the area could be as a sort of ‘theater’ or ‘stage’ for ritual activities. Moreover, if Blå Jungfrun Island was indeed a ritual activity site in prehistoric times; Then the tales told about the island’s magical properties may indeed have some grain of truth in them.

In other words, the researchers believe there is more to investigate and analyze on Blå Jungfrun, including a layer below one of the caves. Finally, this zone is replete with quartz, which might have endowed the Stone Age people with raw materials for their tools.


Hauntings & Spirits

Finally, rumors say the island harbors both evil and benevolent spirits. A sort of melting pot of spiritual energy, with many believing that both natural spirits are from rituals. As well as those who came from the witches and people who used the island for said rituals.

Visitors to the island report strange noises occurring throughout. Additionally, boats moving nearby and by a small handful who use the single cabin on the island for research purposes. Knocking or chopping sounds are rather common, as well as the sound of disembodied voices. People chanting and the sound of people screaming or yelling.

The noises are sometimes related to that Siren’s calls. If anyone on the island were to investigate the sounds, they risk the dangers of falling off the steep cliffs into the rocking shores. However, the sounds could possibly be the winds that move around the island and its rocky formations.

People who visit the island report ringing sensations in their ears. As well as sudden headaches and uneasiness. Within the single Cabin, people have reported seeing shadows or figures moving about. Either just around the corner or lingering just outside the structure. Investigators have also captured potential orbs on film as well as EVPs while within the cabin, one in which recorded the phrase “Lamma Har”, which translated means Leave Now.


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