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Blue Myst Road

Haunting ghost lights, creepy creatures in the woods, and strange people roaming about. All start-up once the Mist rolls in over Irwin Road. More infamous by the name Blue Myst Road. But do these legends hold any ground, or are they simply tall tales?

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We’re back on the creepy roads out in the woods! Along with all their creepy moments, like wild animals, ghost stories, potential cults, and so much more. This time we find ourselves traveling down Irwin Road in Pittsburgh’s North Park, otherwise better known as Blue Myst Road. For those searching on their own, yes Blue “Myst” Road, both work, so if you see either or it’s the same road.

Blue Myst Road Creepy Factor

The legends that surround this stretch of road are as varied as, literally any and all “haunting” local back roads. Literally, all of them. Just check out any of the previous ones that we’ve done before, EP 3, EP 51, and EP 52. However, the change of pace here with Blue Myst comes with the rolling mist that appears at night. Coming in along the dirt road from the lake that is nearby. Once the mist rolls in, this is when all of the legends of the location come out to play.

Blue Myst Road is simply a great hiking road. It’s marked as closed at both ends, though it’s car-accessible for a few hundred yards before barricades pop up to block it off. Past the barriers, the road quickly degenerates into a gravel path by the creek. You’ll occasionally see “No Trespassing” signs and notices about underground petroleum and gas pipelines. During the day, you’ll experience a lively and natural location. However, come night things quickly get a lot creepier.


Classic & Cliche Legends

The classic local legend about Blue Mist Road, is once more, like every single local backroad. Being that the KKK used to hold rallies there at night, and would lynch people on a gnarled tree by the side of the road. It’s scary, sure, but more often than not these stories don’t hold a lot of truth. Although I will say it’s not impossible, it is Pennsylvania after all. Furthermore, the trees supposedly linked to this particular story don’t really match up. It is morbid, but they are not very good for that sort of activity.

The Klan & Albinos

There are several houses on the road, one of them now a ruin with only the foundation intact. Stories began to spread surrounding this structure, with one such story having the home once occupied by a witch. While another would call the location the Midget Farm, as it was owned by a little person. Now, this is another rather common legend, similar to Albinos in the woods, very much another Midgetville type story, with all its cliche and cruel details. Including the one in which groups of angry and armed little people would attack your car. Ridgeville and Albino Tribe are definitely going to be bonus stories researched more thoroughly in the future, so stay tuned.

Phantom Native Lights

Drivers who visit and park their cars also sometimes report seeing strange lights out in the woods at night. These lights are reportedly large blue fading lights that move along throughout the woods. Much more intense, but smaller, than a flashlight. Almost like a large blue firefly illumination. Furthermore, some investigators also claim to hear the sounds of traditional tribal instruments in the distance. Upon taking photos of the surrounding area, you may capture angry faces in the film.

Mutant Creatures & More

There are very few accounts, relating to strange almost mutant creatures roaming around in the woods. Along with a story involving a mother and daughter killed by their husband/father and dumped into a septic tank, only to now wander the road together as spirits. However, that last one is literally a sentence or two within one short article website.

Drivers Accounts & Lover’s Point Legend

Most of these stories that we just mentioned, were made to just spook people from the location. Furthermore, there are a few stories that an old resident did in fact fire off rocksalt rounds at passing cars. A dick moves sure, but not much past that. The road simply has a level of eeriness to it, especially at night.  Along with “Road Closed” signs at both ends of the street, the overall idea of staying away is pretty much enforced. 

Nevertheless, people still drive, hike down, and adventure along the road at night. Drivers claim that if you park and honk your car horn three times; that the car’s engine won’t start up again. Although considering that you’re out in the woods with only a few residences, it’s kind of rude to do. 

This story is also associated with the rather common boyfriend and girlfriend, hooking up along a dark road cliche. Most people are probably familiar with the version of the story involving a man-made with a hook hand, or the escaped asylum patients. But Blue Myst Road is definitely a bit more unique. Starting with the whole horn honking and engine dying.

Followed by the growing sound of bells chiming in the woods. The boyfriend checks on the engine, try to get help, etc. Finally, the girl is left alone only for a white canine to hop onto the car and begin bashing itself against the hood and windshield until it kills itself. A crazy twist, but it still ends with the boyfriend being dead and bleeding or whatever above the car. 


Lover’s Cemetery & End of Days

Much of the road’s stories are pretty standard. But one is a little more unusual and unique. There is a cemetery near the road with tombstones that lean toward each other. They say that the occupants of the graves were thwarted lovers and that in death, the stones attempt to kiss in order to consummate the love between them.

Other versions of the tale have the stones actually do meet, but only once a month on the night of the full moon. However, in a much more grim variant, the stones do not meet, because if they did, it brings about the end of the world. A bit extreme, but it seems like they haven’t kissed just yet, so it seems we’re safe.


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