EP 6 – Bobby Mackey’s Music World & Portal to Hell

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BONUS | Haunted English Pub, Woman Can’t Hear Men & Space Seeds!
January 20, 2019
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EP 7 – Philadelphia ‘Steel Furnace’ Letters
March 30, 2019


Bobby Mackey’s Music World stands as possibly one of the most haunted locations in the country, if not globe. With supposed Satanic rituals, violent deaths and a history of organized crime, it is not a surprise that many believe the club to now house a ‘gateway’ or ‘portal to hell’. Patrons and staff report seeing shadow beings, headless spirits, items moving on their own and even people being thrown across the room. So without a further ado, let us journey on into the Realm of Unknown, with Bobby Mackey’s!

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Episode 6 – Bobby Mackey’s Music World & the Portal to Hell. Produced by Shane Cummings; Audio Editing & Research by Shane Cummings. Intro & Outro music “Creepy Regrets” by AnMo.

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