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July 13, 2019

EP 13 – Amityville Haunting | Famous Haunting or Detailed Hoax? (FT. Justin Foley)

Today, we go into discussion on the infamous Amityville Haunting , with special or first ever special guest, Justin Foley! Justin is a close friend and […]
July 7, 2019

EP 12 – USS New Jersey | Decorated Battleship & Screaming Bathroom Ghost

The USS New Jersey stands as one of the most decorated battleships throughout the US Navy’s long history, and despite its current role as a museum […]
June 29, 2019
bridgewater triangle

EP 11 – The BridgeWater Triangle | Massachusetts’ Weirdness Vortex

Many places around the world seem to have a larger amount of supernatural and paranormal events. Odd, how many of these places share the shape of […]
May 22, 2019

EP 9 – Laurel Hill Cemetery | Mass Graves & Spiritualists

Today we are looking into one of America’s oldest gardened urban cemeteries, Laurel Hill Cemetery, within Philadelphia PA. With hundreds upon hundreds of elegantly carved monuments, […]
February 8, 2019

EP 6 – Bobby Mackey’s Music World & Portal to Hell

Bobby Mackey’s Music World stands as possibly one of the most haunted locations in the country, if not globe. With supposed Satanic rituals, violent deaths and […]
January 12, 2019

Philadelphia Zoo | The Nation’s First Haunted Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo has a long and rich history as the Nation’s first-ever institute of its kind. Asides from the several dozen animal species, there are […]
December 22, 2018

Clinton Road The Most Haunted Road in New Jersey

We’ve got a little piece of everything this episode. A ghost boy under bridges, Hellhounds, and Extraterrestrial lights chasing cars, haunted castles, and occult activity. Clinton […]
December 1, 2018
temple university ghost stories

The Ghost Stories of Temple University

Temple University has been a strong figure within the city of Philadelphia for well over a century. With thousands of people coming and going throughout this […]