EP 10 – Flying Humanoid Figures | Witches, Aliens, the Lord Jesus Christ?!

EP 9 – Laurel Hill Cemetery | Mass Graves & Spiritualists
May 22, 2019
realm of unknown bonus episode
BONUS | Viral Elf-Like Creature Captured on CCTV Footage
June 13, 2019


What the heck are Flying Humanoid Figures and why does this seem to be a trend that occurs across the globe? Are they aliens visiting us from above, strange creatures hovering overhead, humans with the ability of flight?vOr perhaps simply a few stray balloons? We’ll discuss all of this and more in this new episode of Realm of Unknown!

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Episode 10 – Flying Humanoid Figures | Witches, Aliens, the Lord Jesus Christ?!. Produced by Shane Cummings; Audio Editing & Research by Shane Cummings. Intro & Outro music “Creepy Regrets” by AnMo.

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