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One of the stranger entries when it comes to the paranormal or supernatural catalog, is the Fresno Nightcrawlers. Small, pale, pant like creatures that have only been spotted one two separate occasion. These strange beings have lead to countless questions and even further speculation within the paranormal and internet communities. As people try to unravel the mystery that are these bizarre beings.

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The Fresno Nightcrawlers

The Nightcrawlers began to gain some notoriety back in 2007. When, a homeowner in Fresno, California, decided to set up a security camera above the family garage. The man – only known as “Jose” – wanted to know why his dogs barked at night; in case there was an intruder or a strange animal lurking. 

What he saw the next day was enough to shock him into calling the police. The footage showed a pair of strange, small creatures, only a few feet in height. They walked almost surreally across the screen, and the family members figured it was these things that had caused their dogs to bark so much. 

Neither the family nor the police could figure out what these creatures were. Soon, the media got a hold of the footage, and the Fresno Nightcrawlers became a sort of phenomenon after this point. The original family however, again decided to remain anonymous, in part to avoid the negative associations with the supernatural spotlight, but some also believe that it was out of simple fear or anxiety. At this point in time too the man named “Jose” may have passed away, I say may due to only seeing it mentioned in a few sources.

The video and in turn the creatures gained further fame due to the SyFy show known as Facted or Fake, which was a paranormal based show from 2010 that only lasted two seasons. Although that said I do remember watching it, at least partially. The show seems to be the one who coined the term “nightcrawler” when it comes to the creatures, although again don’t take that as an absolute fact on my part.

What Are The Nightcrawlers?

One of the prevailing theories about these creatures is that they are aliens. They may move like people sometimes, but analysts think they are too small and move too awkwardly to be human. Based on their appearance, they don’t resemble any known terrestrial creatures either. 

Redditors question why they are here, as they don’t seem to really do anything at all. Theorists wonder if they are alien creatures here to study human life, even though they have never been seen accompanied by UFOs sightings. 

One of the more interesting answers to many Nightcrawler questions actually has to do with local Native American legend. According to tribe members that live near Fresno, the Nightcrawlers are beings that have pretty much always lived on earth, even before human beings got there. According to these myths, the Nightcrawlers have long legs that allow them to move through difficult swamp land that they call home.

Legend has it that the beings are part of our world now in order to rebuild a connection between human beings and our natural surroundings. While they don’t seem to have made any noticeable efforts of doing this so far, the fact that stories are even there, seems to add more credence to the video’s possible authenticity.

The Yosemite Footage

A new video does actually appear In March of 2011, due to Yosemite National Park officials putting up cameras in order to catch trespassers that had been damaging the park property. The security cameras again captured images of pale, small, and armless creatures, just walking down one of the park paths. Again, once the media got a hold of the footage, the Fresno Nightcrawlers were on everyone’s mind once more. The creatures appeared to be the same as the ones that had shown up on the Fresno film, and they appeared to walk and behave in the same way.

One thing that viewers seem to agree on – regardless of what people say they are – is what the creatures look like. They seem to have bodies that get up to four feet in height, nothing taller. The Nightcrawlers don’t seem to have any arms, and their heads are small compared to the rest of their bodies. The Nightcrawlers are also pale in color, perhaps white, and may possibly have two small eyes, which people have pointed out after viewing the video so many times.

New Sightings & Information

Since the original video, the Nightcrawlers have been strangely quiet, asides from the Yosemite video a few years later. There were no more spooky security footage tapes, and there were no actual encounters. Even though these things were pretty weird, they seemed to be harmless. Aside from the original video, and possibly the Yosemate one, no one has made any sort of contact or encounter with the strange creatures. 

With the two videos, it seems that the creatures travel in some sort of pair system. With people pointing out that one is generally bigger than the other. Even more odd, is that in both videos, the creatures move as if they are walking humanoids, but the area around their legs flap as if encased in some form of fabric. In fact, many people have said they look like a pair of pants. Possibly being pants, or being a type of wired puppet. 

Is This a Hoax?

Going with the hoax angle, the creatures are rather strange and awkward in their movement. As if they are some sort of rigged puppets rather than living creatures. Once more, the SyFy show Facted or Fake is something we’ll bring up. They investigated the location and were unable to catch any new evidence of the creatures. The crew also performed some experiments in an attempt to prove the idea of the video being hoaxed. They tried the puppet technique, moving pants along a clothing line; even having a kid dressed up to mimic it. However they all end as failures, and state that the original video was authentic and was too difficult to reproduce. 

I think this isn’t far fetched, it’s wildly possible since we don’t have the RAW file to look at. The original video that everyone knows in relation to these creatures, is actually a video of a video. Jose recorded the security footage and brought that as his evidence. So there is another level of compression and distortion that comes from doing that. Which makes me think that it’s still very possible to have rigged something up.

Conclusion of Points

I also want to mention the Native looking statues that were brought up earlier, they’re sort of a mystery themselves. No one is really sure where they are located; and the locations are theorized pretty much all over the United States, stretching from New Jersey to California. We don’t know who made them, so it’s hard to determine if they have Native origins; or inspired by the stories.

Further sightings with the Nightcrawlers have occured. However none of these really hold as much weight and in fact many question the validity of these new claims. Believing them to simply be playing off the original story and video and attempting to stretch the legend even further.


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