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Gettysburg College can easily be one of the most haunted Universities, if not locations across the globe. Smack in the middle of the notoriously gruesome and believably haunted locations within the United States. The campus has ghostly soldiers still marching across the grounds. Spirits who seemed to have met sudden and sorrowful ends as we as strange glimpses into the past; that seem to capture moments of time during the Civil War.

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Gettysburg College

Gettysburg College first opened its doors in 1832, just three decades before Gettysburg became one of the central stages during the Civil War. The college’s Pennsylvania Hall served a dual purpose as a hospital for wounded and dying soldiers and as a morgue during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

Stories handed down from generation to generation, tell of soldiers in agonizing pain, often awake during surgery, and a hectic scene in the constantly busy hospital.

Ghost Stories

Numerous people report hearing the moans and cries of young men; presumably belonging to the lost spirits of soldiers who were injured in battle and ultimately died. Pretty much all throughout Penn Hall, it’s not really exclusive.

In recent years, more than one person has related a terrifying tale of riding in the elevator at Penn Hall, which as we mentioned was a makeshift hospital during the Civil War. While attempting to use the elevator, there is a chance that you’ll end up in the basement, rather than on the floor you choose.

Students have, at times, reported this event occurring. But more notably, within Mark V. Nesbitt’s book Ghosts of Gettysburg, two campus administrators in 1980 take the elevator down to the basement of Pennsylvania Hall and unexpectedly saw bloody patients and doctors in the hospital there.

Stevens Hall Sightings

Stevens Hall, a Resident Hall, was built in 1911 and was originally a prep school for girls who would then transition into college. It is notorious for being the most haunted dorm on campus, in which students report odd sensations, phantom footsteps, and cold spots.

The ghost of the Blue Boy is one who haunts Stevens Hall. The young boy had been spirited into the residence hall by several students on a bitterly cold night many years ago, in an attempt to keep him warm. However, when they heard the house-mother making her way to their room, they hid the young boy, an orphan, on the window ledge outside. They never saw him again. While no one knows the fate of the Blue Boy, numerous residents have seen a little boy – blue from the cold – with his face smashed against the windows in Stevens Hall as strange noises emanate through the dorm at all hours of the day and night.


Huber Hall Sightings

Huber Hall, a first-year residential dorm, also has some strange reports. One student reported that their alarm clock went off one night without it being set. Once it was unplugged, the clock remained on. Another student, who happened to stay in the same dorm room during their own freshman year, reports that one night all items on both roommates’ desks were thrown to the ground suddenly.

Potential ghost possession of football player Danny Thompson, during practice one day, a film shows that a misty white object comes out of Danny’s head and flies off. Afterwhich Danny reports feeling unwell, before being told what had occurred.

Ghostly soldiers are a common sighting at Gettysburg College, but one particular location is home to a spirit of a different type known as the “Lady in White”. Her dwelling place of choice is that of Glatfelter Hall.

Her story alleges that she lost her love as a result of the war and committed suicide by jumping from Glatfelter’s bell tower, torn over her loss. Lore tells that whoever looks into her eyes will end up meeting the same fate as she.

Brue Hall Sightings

Brue Hall is the home of the Performing Arts department and Kline Theatre, once the college Chapel. It’s haunted by the spirit of an older Civil War officer called the General. 

He strolls along the catwalks and backstage and enjoys playing pranks with the props and costumes. He also likes watching the performances and has his own center stage seat that depresses when he sits in it and pops back up when he leaves. The student actors make sure it’s always empty, just in case the General wants to catch the show.

Another widely-circulated tale is that of another apparition who frequents Penn Hall. One with two names, either the “Lone Sentinel” or the “Lookout”; reports of this ghostly phantom has a lantern and rifle in hand. As if still carrying out his duties and on his patrol all these years later.

Pop Culture

Ghost Tours practically occur every night on campus. At least to some degree, and it can certainly get annoying and distracting. Which is understandable.


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