Helltown Ohio, What Happened? | The Devastated Town That Was Abandoned

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HellTown Ohio | The Abandoned Village

“Helltown”, an abandoned small town located in the middle of Ohio, is teeming with crybaby bridges, spooked school buses, mass human sacrifice scenes, and a mutant python. Although the town is no longer there physically, the remnants of what once stood still linger in the region.

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Helltown Ohio History and Downfall 

“Helltown”, an abandoned small town located in the middle of Ohio, teeming with crybaby bridges, spooked school buses, mass human sacrifice scenes, and a mutant python. Although the town is no longer there physically, the remnants of what once stood still linger in the region.

The town of ‘Helltown’’s formal name is Boston, Ohio; or Boston Village, given due to the size of the settlement. However, we shall be addressing the location as Helltown, in order to separate any confusion from Boston, MA. Helltown began in 1806, again originally named Boston, or Boston Village. Originally, the settlement’s claim to fame was that it stood as the oldest village in Summit County, Ohio. The construction of the Ohio and Erie Canal during the mid-1820s brought loads of people to the region. The area began to flourish when a railroad station was constructed in the town. 

For the most part, Helltown remained rather uneventful for nearly two centuries. This was until 1974, as the nation’s growing anxiety over disappearing forestland eventually reached its borders. During this period of time, this was a pretty prominent issue. So much so, that then-President, Gerald Ford, utilized eminent domain in order to give the National Park Service jurisdiction to convert land for the establishment of National Parks. As a result of this legislation, on December 27th, 1974, hundreds of acres in Ohio, including the land within Boston Township, were officially designated a National Recreation Area. The Park Services decided that Boston Township would be the new home for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Beginning the process of buying the properties from the longtime residents.

A new encampment was established for all the displaced residents and families. They expressed their frustrations with a message scribbled on the wall of one of the houses; reading “Now we know how the Indians felt”. The newly empty homes were boarded up and “No Trespassing” signs could be seen everywhere. However, the government never really went through with its plans. Helltown quickly became neglected, with the boarded-up homes remaining abandoned for years. The settlement of Helltown felt as if everyone simply “vanished” one day. Leading to a plethora of urban legends and stories that have developed over the years.


Helltown Legends & Myths

Not a soul resides within Helltown, but there are still remnants of the lives of the former residents. Including an abandoned school bus, an old church, a slaughterhouse, and a graveyard, which is still very much filled with graves. Dangerous roads surround the town itself, some seemingly leading to nowhere. Within a few years, nature began to encroach on the town, giving it an almost apocalyptic look and feel.

Satanic Church

Like many abandoned towns and locations similar to this, it is said there are people in the area worshipping the devil. With reports of animal mutilations and satanic symbols all over the place.

All seemingly originating from the small white church in the center of town. The Mother of Sorrows, supposedly, hosting black masses and upside-down crosses all over the building. All sorts of theories are out there as to why this is. Some say the church was a place of worship for the Satanists who populated the town after residents moved out. While others say they still lurk around the closed-off roads, just waiting around for unsuspecting visitors.

Closed Down Roads

There are two roads through Helltown, both labeled as ‘dead ends’ even though you can watch them continue on into the distance. Legend says that local Satanic cults put up these signs to keep people out of their secret hideouts. Stanford Road, one of the main roads in Helltown, is sometimes, The End of the World, or Highway to Hell. It is a twisting, dangerous road with a very sharp incline, so steep that when a car crests the top of the hill, it looks as if it is driving off a cliff. 

Some stories indicate that the road itself is evil, taking possession of your vehicle, causing fatal accidents. Supposedly if you park your car at the end of Stanford Road; you may meet your gruesome fate at the hands of the strange people who still patrol the area, oftentimes the Satanists again.

Boston Cemetery

Loads of legends come out of the Boston Cemetery, which sits deep in the middle of the area known as Helltown, including tales of a ghost who sits on a bench and stares out into space, forlorn, waiting for his family to come back for him. Only the living had to leave the town, meaning that this cemetery remained full. Legends go that the spirits of these buried bodies still linger around, looking for their families which have left so long ago.

The Haunted School Bus

A haunting school bus with all the seats gone sits at the edge of the woods in Hell Town. Legend has it that the kids it was hauling on its last trip were killed by a crazy killer or bunch of crazy killers. They say sometimes you can see either the spirits of the children still inside. Or in some instances that of their killer(s). Often a grown male spirit is within the bus, he sits in the back, smoking a cigarette. Ghost Hunters have supposedly captured photos of faces appearing within the windows of the bus.

Additional Oddities | Haunted Hearse, Slaughterhouse & More

Legend has it that if you go to Helltown Ohio, a phantom hearse will follow you. There is a small handful of locals who have a claim to have a phantom hearse chase them, which then quickly disappeared. There’s a slaughterhouse not far from the cemetery. However, historical reports detail that it’s just part of an old barn. This slaughterhouse is another location with ghost stories. Here you would see faces if you looked through the windows at night. Abandoned houses were all you could expect within Helltown. Some local reports say that one is haunted, but the exact house is not really known. However, man did commit suicide within Helltown back in 2004, supposedly within one of these abandoned houses in the woods.

Chemical Spills & Government Coverup

“Mutant Town” and “Mutane Town” are two alternate names for the Hell Town area. The area seems to have first been called “Mutant Town” when the land was acquired in 1974. Government involvement and the “No Trespassing” signs everywhere made rumors of dumping chemicals in the area; and that the ceasing of land was actually a Government coverup.

The Krejci family owned a private dump not far from Helltown. The Krejci Dump was part of the land sold to the parks in 1974, but the National Park Service did not acquire this land until 1985. Authorities thought the area was just an old junkyard, but park rangers started to report strange odors, headaches, and even rashes. One man became physically ill, vomiting profusely while collecting old bottles.

The Environmental Protection Agency became involved and ran tests on the area. It was discovered that there were several highly toxic substances found, emanating from thousands of drums of chemicals dumped there by major companies. Closing the site for cleanup began, but never saw completion.

The chemical spills were said to have caused mutations in local children, wildlife, and even created the Peninsula Python, a gigantic snake that slithers through the area.


Peninsula Python Sightings

The Peninsula Python is rather elusive and rarely spotted, truly only appearing back in the 1940s. Clarence Mitchell, a local man, saw an 18-foot snake crawling across his cornfield near Peninsula, Ohio, on June 8, 1944. After several days, a posse had formed on June 25, yet failed to find any evidence other than broken branches and trails leading to the Cuyahoga River. Reports of a large snake came through August 1 by other residents of the valley. This includes Pauline Hopko, who spotted the serpent slithering away from a willow tree in her yard. The snake frightened her cows so much that they broke loose and ran away.

A good and possible explanation for the serpent sightings could come from the 1930s. Being an escaped snake from a carnival truck that supposedly crashed in the area around 1934.

Helltown Ohio Conclusion

Unfortunately, most of the myths surrounding Helltown are likely false. The upside-down crosses affixed to a local church are part of the building’s architectural style and have no roots in satanic activity. The “haunted” bus was the temporary home of a family awaiting house repairs. These explanations, of course, don’t diminish the public’s enthusiasm for legends of unusual occurrences in Helltown. For instance, the locals still celebrate “Python Day” in honor of the legendary giant snake.

As of the summer of 2016, all abandoned houses and structures are no more. Most of “Helltown” is now part of the national park nearby, leaving almost nothing to see of what once was. However, you are still free to visit and explore for yourself to see if any of that strange energy still lingers.


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