EP 17 – Jim Thorpe | The Switzerland of the US (Part 1)
August 21, 2019
EP 19 – The Curse of the Iceman | Legend of the Ötzi Mummy
September 14, 2019


Once more we’re back to sweet old Jim Thorpe and it’s history! A gorgeous town nestled within the mountains of PA, which has it’s roots with a few prominent figures throughout its history. In particular, the introduction to Asa Packer and his family into the local economy and environment. Bringing with him the railroad systems and plenty of growth for business in the area.

With all this change and development, riches and struggle; both the Packer family and those within the communities they helped to establish. Seeming to lingering around their little home town, long after death. With both many of the Packer buildings and estates having some rumored sightings of the prominent founding family; in addition the nearby No 9 Coal Mine, which played a large role within Packer’s Lehigh Rail Company. Having its own supernatural experiences. With many believing that the souls of past workers may continue to be on duty to this day.

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Episode 18 – Jim Thorpe | History & Hauntings (Part 2). Produced by Shane Cummings; Audio Editing & Research by Shane Cummings. Intro & Outro music “Creepy Regrets” by AnMo.

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