EP 6 – Bobby Mackey’s Music World & Portal to Hell
February 8, 2019
philly steel furnace party
EP 8 – Philly Steel Furnace Party, Cerulean Mystery
April 29, 2019


Realm of Unknown is back! With really horrible audio issues… Yes, we’re back with a new episode of the podcast and today we are discussing the strange, bizarre and ongoing occurrence in Philadelphia, known as the Philadelphia Steel Furnace Letters. A set of letters sent out to residents encouraging them to attend a Steel Furnace Event and to become Steel that can not be harmed. During the event, apparently all shall ascend in some way. In addition, we go into some of strange rumors surrounding the story.

Creepy, we know, but moreover if you have some Philadelphia Steel Furnace Letters stories of your own, contact us today.

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Episode 7 – Philadelphia’s Creepy ‘Steel Furnace’ Letters and Event. Produced by Shane Cummings; Audio Editing & Research by Shane Cummings. Intro & Outro music “Creepy Regrets” by AnMo.

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