EP 23 – 1 Year Anniversary Episode!

EP 22 – Philadelphia Urban Legends
November 23, 2019
EP 24 – The Baleroy Mansion | Most Haunted House in America
December 29, 2019


It’s been one year since we’ve started this journey, and hopefully there shall be many more to come! In today’s episode, I’m going over some of the strange and unexplainable events or stories that have happened to me since last year’s story updates. We’ve got strange sensations, weird images and the sound of disembodied footsteps throughout the house. Above all, I hope you all enjoy the 1 Year Anniversary Episode!

Meanwhile though, a special promo shout-out to DeadTime Storiez Podcast, another podcast focusing on the paranormal and overall strangeness of the world! Be sure to check them out and show some support.


Episode 23 – 1 Year Anniversary Episode. Produced by Shane Cummings; Audio Editing & Research by Shane Cummings. Intro & Outro music “Creepy Regrets” by AnMo.

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