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A staple of the Tampa Bay skyline, rich history with the city, the University of Tampa is a unique place. Many students continue to flock here each year to study. However, many may not be aware of the spirits that haunt the halls on campus. So buckle up for some University of Tampa Ghost Stories, you may think twice about enrolling. 

With actresses who still haunt the stages that they once performed on. Guests and staff members from a long pasted hotel. Finally, an ominous figure dressed all in brown who stalks the staircase within the main Hall. The University of Tampa certainly has its own unique assortment of spirits and spectres still lingering within its many buildings.

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The University of Tampa Ghost Stories

Now it’s nothing new, universities and colleges around the world tend to gather some ghostly residents across the decades. So to bring back the series I have a special school today. Today we shall be looking into the University of Tampa Ghost stories and hauntings.

Located in downtown Tampa, established in 1931, the University of Tampa stands as a calm zone among the busy city life. Settled beside the Hillsborough River, the private University has grown to be a staple of the landscape. Though it did start that way, originally, the Tampa Bay Hotel stood where the University sits today. In fact, the building today now goes by the name of the Plant Hall; a centralized building that kick started the school back in the thirties.

Like many hotels, especially with history like this, you tend to find a few guests and staff who decide to stay long past death. Such is the case with the Plant Hall. The Hall is even the primarily source of nearly all paranormal experiences, by students, visitors or faculty. The building is both a location for classrooms and learning, while also housing a small museum for people to visit; and with all this traffic in and out through the year, there are many reports and experiences that have arised.

Sightings & Reports

Students have come forward the most, with many knowing that the building itself is old and potentially haunted. Reports of an unsettling feeling or sensation of feeling trapped have arisen in individuals who wandered the halls alone. Doors have opened and closed on their own, in same cases during the middle of class or studies; additionally, many people report feeling a presence when entering the building, or spotting what they believe to be an apparition.

As it goes, many believe that those who haunt the building are either staff or visitors to the old Tampa Bay Hotel, though one ghostly resident does go by a name, at least among the students. The most notorious spirit within the halls would be that of the “Brown Man”. This is the spirit of a man dressed in all brown, who has bright glowing red eyes. The Brown Man has been spotted either within or near the Plant Hall. His figure is very often reported in the staircases, where it is said he pops in and out without warning.

Reports are also not limited to just visitors or students, who are sightseeing the location or studying alone late at night. Many reports come from faculty and staff as well; adding a little credibility to some of the claims that the building may be haunted. The Associate art professor Santiago Echeverry, claims to have a supernatural experience in Plant Hall’s historic Fletcher Lounge ballroom. His colleague, assistant professor Tracy Morse, told university newspaper The Minaret that Echeverry “said he saw two ghosts” in the ballroom; following a Halloween party that took place in 2006. The theater professor Michael Staczar, meanwhile, has reported seeing a human-shaped “presence” on the school’s grounds. 


Despite having skeptics, especially in an institute of higher learning. Countless individuals hold stories and reports of their own. Whether they be small sensations while studying alone before finals; or coming face to face with the notorious “Brown Man” who haunts Plant Hall. It is undeniable, that at the very least that the University’s campus holds a long and rich history; even before the school’s inception. Plant Hall, could simply be an old location’s age showing, or the residual memories of visitors and residents long forgotten.

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Episode 28 – Ghost Stories at the University of Tampa. Produced by Shane Cummings; Audio Editing & Research by Shane Cummings. Intro & Outro music “Creepy Regrets” by AnMo.

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