The Fascinating Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport, PA | Enchanted Legends Found Within

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Wildwood Cemetery & Crematorium

Wildwood Cemetery, which stands as a cornerstone resting place for many who helped make the Keystone State what it is today. However, it is rich in both historical significance and local folklore. Filled with Fairies, Banshees, spirits, and a bunch of crazy goodies!

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Wildwood Cemetery

Today we are discussing the Wildwood Cemetery, which stands as a cornerstone resting place for many who helped make the Keystone State what it is today. Wildwood Cemetery is located in Loyalsock Township, Pennsylvania just north of the city of Williamsport. It is within North Central, PA. The grounds came about in 1863 as the main cemetery for Williamsport and its surrounding communities. Resting at about 340 acres, it stands as the largest cemetery by size and grave count within Lycoming County. 

As mentioned, in 1863, August 18th to be exact, the cemetery was founded. The collective prospect of several prominent members of local counties. These members petitioned for the incorporation of Wildwood Cemetery Company, and many are now buried on the grounds today.

Haunting & Legends

Wildwood Cemetery is rich in both historical significance and local folklore. The cemetery has two main locations, with a central road running down the middle. Creating a unique experience while visiting the location. The mythology surrounding the cemetery derives from this two-section setup. The West side of the cemetery is the “haunting” side of the cemetery; housing military memorials and monuments, along with the landmarked Praying Hands mausoleum. Meanwhile, the Eastside is the “good” side; which has the main cemetery, the crematorium, and offices, as well as the larger public mausoleums.

Furthermore, the myths and legends may also be due to the Westside tending to have older burial plots. While the East side of the cemetery is often where more recent burials take place.


Spirits & Creatures

The “good side” of the cemetery has rumors of fairy occupants who appear on clear nights. On the other hand, the bad side has more malevolent spirits. In particular, there is a banshee who resides at the top of the hill along the central road. Furthermore, this Banshee can be heard singing a sorrowful song. 

Now you may think that this is odd since Banshees are often beings that are omens of impending death. However, traditionally within Irish legend, Banshees also have strong ties with mythical Tumuli. The Tumuli are barrows or burial mounds above graves and are all throughout the countryside. Nonetheless, there is a precedent for Banshees residing within graveyards, particularly at the peak of hills.

Additionally, within the cemetery, there are many small mausoleums. With several of them, you supposedly can hear knocking sounds or voices coming from within. At times in these mausoleums, it sounds as if there are conversations by the occupants. Another oddity comes from a statue called Crying Lady. This statue rests atop of a grave and is visible from the main central road. The Crying Lady holds true to her name, supposedly crying for real. As well as changing positions on her pedestal.

Burial Escapee

In addition, the cemetery also has rumors surrounding the final resting place of a local fireman. Thomas Pursell, who during life had the fear of being buried alive. His phobia led to his mausoleum being designed so that it was locked on the outside; but able to be opened from the inside. Moreover, the rumor goes that through the walls of this mausoleum, you can hear him shifting around in his coffin. Waiting for the right time to leave his mausoleum at night and stroll the cemetery.


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